For The Love Of Skiing…

It’s May, the sun is shining and I’m sitting in shorts and t-shirt ready to spend a day working on our van conversion. But take a peak at the laptop and you’ll see I currently have 6 tabs open about glacier summer skiing, instructor courses and Canadian visa info… Needless to say I’m struggling to let go of winter and skiing.

20180206_121515Having been pretty much absent from this blog for the last 6 months I feel like it’s time to update ya’ll on what we’ve been up to. November 27th 2017 saw us fly out to Geneva and begin our ski season in Les Menuires, 3 Valleys as Chalet Hosts and thus beginning this love affair with skiing. The expression ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ could literally be the chalet hosts motto, and for the first month or two I was more tired and more stressed than I have EVER been. Our 16-bed chalet felt gargantuan, and every Wednesday night when we received news of next weeks arrivals it was with everything crossed that we scrolled down the list as to how many people, kids, dietaries we’d been lumped with that week.

For all our bickering, aches, pains, tiredness and shitty guests there was one thing that made it all worth it. Skiing. God, I really hate that phrase, ‘made everything worth it’, and before this winter I didn’t believe it was a real thing. I felt like telling people who said that to stop lying and kidding themselves, if it was shit it was shit and nothing could do anything to help that. But throw yourself into a ski season and suddenly that phrase becomes all too relatable and real. That feeling when 10:30am rolled around and we sprinted downstairs, chucked the bins out and got thermals/salopettes/jackets on in record time was heaven. Back up to the chalet, grab skis and wrap up some cake (all about dem double batch brownies) and head up the lift to the piste, and boom, we’re on the slopes. For all our moaning about our chalet, it’s location was a dream, right at the bottom of a gondola and right on the front with bars and restaurants. 20180205_132525

The feeling of bouncing down through perfect powder and carving across a smooth piste is something I don’t think I’ll ever let go. I love hiking, climbing and getting out on top of the world in the hills but nothing so far has compared to the feeling of looking down over the valleys and then getting to race down them with the wind whipping through your hair and your skis carving through the snow, all while your friends do exactly the same around you and all the tourists stare at you all speeding past ha.

Never have I had more fun, never have I felt more free and never have a spent a better 5 months.


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