8 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Go Hiking With Your SO.

Because nothing tests relationships better than going on an adventure…

  1. One of you will boldly state the waking-up time for the morning, and the other will feel mildly pressured into living up to this mountainous dawn-raid dream and agree to this heinously early alarm. (This will inevitably be snoozed at least once by either party as they regret the early start)
  2. Layer conferring will commence as you are about to leave the house. “How many are you wearing?”…”Two baselayers? Should I bring another spare?” … “Oooh you’ve gone for a fleece too? Interesting, are you sure…” and so on. One person will inevitably persuade themselves they need/don’t need that extra layer.
  3. Getting slightly lost. Only slightly, and neither of you realise for a bit. Or maybe one of you realises but the other one is in charge of the map and you don’t want to question their authority or anything but have we just passed that ‘prominent rock’ that the guide book said we should turn left at?13528674_10154343048549511_3863874117313148896_n
  4. Accidentally subconsciously copying one another when you take your hat off, or put a layer on. One of you takes something off or on, and the other sees this and thinks ‘Huh, it IS kind of windy isn’t it? Maybe I should put my hat on too’. And this constant dressing and undressing wordless dance continues for many many hours.
  5. Being the better photo-taker of just being the one who is always saying“Stay there, this will make such a cool shot!” much to the other’s learned resignation as they stand in the same spot as you try to get the exposure right and attempt a few different angles…
  6. The argument…. Inevitably something annoying will happen about midway through the day – a little bit of fatigue is seeping in and you’re almost at the summit and a little thing sets you off. Suddenly, the other person is the devil and this was a terrible idea and WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THAT?! Gaaah. I hate y…
  7. “OK can we be friends again now” so you’ve reached the top or had a munch and drink stop, and suddenly the world doesn’t look so bad anymore and they weren’t really being THAT bad were they? Bored of bickering you go back to being friends with surprising ease 😛
  8. The post-hike Instagram battle. Whoever doesn’t have to drive home OBVIOUSLY gets a a head start on this. The smug look you have when your photo has a banging caption AND get’s 20+ likes on IG is worth the major leg day you’ve just gone through. You look over to your SO’s, oh 7 likes, how nice. Mwahahaha.
    Well you have to be petty sometimes right? 😉img_4261

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