An Inspiringly ‘Un-Epic’ Kayaking Video


So I might be lying a little here when I say it’s totally un-epic. There are some pretty epic bits, but what I essentially love about this video is how refreshingly relatable it is. No one hucks any gnar, or almost dies or throws themselves off a 100ft waterfall or thinks doing Niagara Falls might be a good idea… And for that I love it. There are flat water swims, a lot of nerves, first rolls and a lot of different people at all abilities.

J found it a while back, and as we watched it one evening I started to smile. “I love this video!” I said turning to him beaming. At this he smiled a little smugly and simply said “I thought you might”. The crisis of kayaking confidence is still lurking after a pretty disastrous alps trip this past summer, but every time I watch this video (or even just bits of it, cos ya know who has half an hour every day of their lives to spend on kayaking:P ) it makes me smile, and gives me a little bit more hope that I can do this shit. It also makes me really really really really excited for our New Zealand plans in 2018 😀

I won’t spoil it for you, but some classic quotes have come out of this video in our little world “You’re gonna have to push me Bill…” in a very kiwi accent being a personal favourite hahaha. For this gem, skip to just past the hour mark.

It incorporates everything from expedition paddling, to the Citroen Race to the random story of how a Yorkshire scout came to be a paddling coach half way around the world. A must see I’d say.

2 thoughts on “An Inspiringly ‘Un-Epic’ Kayaking Video

  1. I’m not a kayaker, and have never tried it: but I was delighted, through a work connection with its creator, Bill Parks, to have the opportunity to make a very small donation towards the making of this video, and to attend its premiere in Christchurch, NZ, in March 2016. Watching it was almost enough to convince me that I, too, should experience the wonders and pleasure of rivering! 🙂


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