New Zealand Ey?

Kia Ora! And also, I suppose Merry Christmas?!

After a month of NZ living I figured it was time to update ye olde blog…

We’ve only gone and done it! Yes, after years of talking about it J and I have flown South for, well for the next year actually! We arrived on November 18th, and spent the first week or so buying a van, getting NZ bank accounts, phones/SIMs and all the gumpf that goes with living, working and travelling in a different country for a whole year. It was kind of a tough week, but also extremely surreal as we just kept looking out to the harbour and pinching ourselves that were were even here. Madness.

We have entirely landed on our feet in some respects as I’ve been lucky enough to get to know the network of family I have over here, and in true kiwi style they have taken us in, put us up, fed us, entertained us and drank us under the table! It is not in any way what we expected how our trip would begin, but we’re trying really hard on this trip to just go with the flow and let our plans be very loose. Not something that I’m often very good at, but so far so good.

It’s now Christmas Eve and I thought what better time to start planning, drafting and writing more blogs as we sit here drinking beer, eating pizza and enjoying our hostel Christmas present for the next few days.

More to come… H xxx



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