When The Running Mojo Doesn’t Kick In…

Runs for me, generally consist of quite a few stages of feelings and thoughts. But what about those runs when the good bit never comes? What happens when your second wind or run mojo never quite appears? For me only 1 option is generally acceptable, especially since I’ve started running with a group, and that is this – slog. it out.

Some might say – why, why make yourself unhappy? Why put yourself through that? An d once upon a time I would be firmly in that category – I spent quite a while giving up and half arsing things because it was too hard to hold myself accountable and I refused to see the bigger picture of how I would feel later. It’s something I’m still working on, but now for me well, miles = smiles.

Today was a S.L.O.G. And it annoyed me because hell, it was a new mountain ticked off in my back garden of south wales, and with some of my favourite people! It wasn’t too hot, I wasn’t injured save a little hip niggle, and despite being soggy it wasn’t cold. I was a little rushed and tired in the morning, and for some reason a bit nervous (running with speedsters!). But really, nothing out of the ordinary. So, why did the mojo never kick in? The hills were steep and unrelenting for the first half, so I might put some of it down to that, but still it was a good but frustrating run feeling more unfit than I thought I was.

But anyway, I shan’t dwell. Next week is a new week, and today I did a new run that I’ll eventually go back to and beast it out! IMG_1875

Here is what my normal runs feel like:

1st km -woo yeh running wooo loving it.
2nd km – mmm, harsh breathing, gah don’t feel very fit oh this is going to be rubbish why did I do this.
3rd km – puff puff puff pu.. come ON Hannah!
4th km – huh, well here we go yeah! This is it! Ohh that felt good, legs feeling strong, got up that hill at a nice pace.
5th km – HA parkun kiss my butt this feels good, nice rhythm noice going JJ!
And from there it just gets better and easier and more fun – especially as I see the kilometres tick by. Well, until about 13km when it starts to hurt a fair bit and requires some stern talkings to and distractions to keep the pep up…

Here’s to the continuing love affair with running – fraught, inconsistant and sometimes painful. But with all the rewards you could ever ask for when the running gods delievr that perfect run.


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