NZ Dreamin’

Car Park of Dreams – Kaituna River from Caleb Roberts on Vimeo.

All credit to J for showing me this one, watching it over and over (and over) is currently making rainy Liverpool slightly more bearable. I watch a lot of adventure videos, some good, some bad, a few really bad. But then occasionally one comes along that just ignites your excitement like nothing else has.

The Car Park of Dreams. I would imagine most normal people don’t have dreams in car parks, of car parks or even remotely involving car parks. But kayakers, now they are a different story. It is the Camp 4 of kayaking, (climbers will get it…) the unjudging paradise of tarmac, sun and rivers. Strange isn’t it, how a place so associated with adventure is where people chose to build little communities like this.

Sure, scary drops and all that. But I’m down for that NZ, I will step it up if it means I get to lie in our future not-yet-paid-for-or-existent van and eat peanut butter and banana and wear flipflops and boardies and down jackets every day. That my friends, is the dream. And that is where we will be come 2018…

Go, watch & love this video immediately. You cannot fail to smile (and immediately want to book flights and start searching FB groups for vans for sale….).

Cover Image a screenshot taken from this video.

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