Forget #Fitspo THIS, is #Lifespo

Wilderness from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

Go on, take 4 minutes and 55 seconds out of your day, sit, watch, listen. Wilderness could not be more aptly titled, and as I sit in bed bundled up in my dressing gown next to a very sleepy J, I feel the sudden need to get up and run, run towards the mountains and river and lakes of our wilderness and take deep breaths of air that no one else is to breath that day. To touch the rocks with my bare hands and feel the winds whistle past my ears. I close my eyes, and send myself to a world of adventure.

I know it’s rather early in the day for all this sort of thing, I mean, I haven’t even had my first cop of tea, but just go with me here and watch this glorious little piece of film. All credit goes to a wonderful Facebook friend of mine – Schn – for sharing this. It kind of makes my heart swell a little with pride to have so many strong, adventurous crazy ladies in my life 🙂

Go outside, Carpe Diem, you know the drill…


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