DOWN with the kids : Patagonia Down Jacket Review

So this is another present from my 21st in April, and has been finally coming into its own and working hard to keep me warm after a summer of sporadic use.

This is the Women’s Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket, size medium. Bought from Blacks for £99, down form £180 it felt like quite the bargain! I have used this jacket A LOT in the last few weeks, the cold has been biting in Liverpool/Wales/The Lakes and it has been working hard (so hard that it kind of needs a wash right now to be honest!).


The Jacket
The jacket itself is in the mid-size down jacket market and packs down nicely into an inside chest pocket. The size it is makes it portable and easy to take as a ‘just-in-case’ item without bulking out your kit. It’s pretty warm, but when the wind hits I tend to put a waterproof shell over the top just to keep the warmth in.

It is 800 Fill Down with an outer coated in DWR, elasticated cuffs and a cool fleece trim lining around the inside of the collar and pockets. These little features make it a really comfortable and practical jacket!

The colour is possibly my favourite thing about it however. Yes, I know this is superficial and bla bla bla. But a golden/turquoise down jacket, who could resist that?!?! Patagonia have stumbled upon a winner with this combination I think, its quite unusual and makes it perfect for being spotted on a grey day in a field or on a hill.

It is not a huge jacket and as a result has limits to how warm it will keep you when the temperatures really drop. It works perfectly as something to throw on when you want a flexible system of layers, but you will need to add a thermal/shell/fleece on if sitting in sub-0 with no movement! I find it’s still too hot to do any sort of walking in this, but have used it a lot when camping, post-kayaking and walking lunch stops.

Conclusions: I love it. It goes with me everywhere now and it has cut down my hoodie-count on weekend trips thankfully. Great jacket, great price and lush colour.

han familyThe Stats (things too boring to actually talk about)
– 100% recycled polyester shell
– Weight: 335g
– Contoured body shape

Check out Patagonia’s awesome jackets here…


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