The Fractured Elbow & Office Chronicles: Dealing With Cabin Fever.

So adventures have been a little thin on the ground lately, and as the title suggests, Cabin fever is hitting hard.
The reason behind my longing looks at rivers and rocks is that I recently fractured my elbow. It wasn’t an impressive and epic injury, it wasn’t even doing something that interesting!! I crashed into the back wheel of a kid who had helpfully and very abruptly stopped pedalling his bike in front of me. I’m not bitter at all, can you tell? 😉

So far I’ve turned down outdoor bouldering, indoor bouldering, quite a lot of kayaking and cycling to work everyday (I am so surprised that I actually miss this last one!).

In lieu of throwing myself into rivers and off rocks (finesse isn’t really my thing) I’ve decided to focus on this blog and on settling into life as a working adult GULP.

As well as being a cripple for a while, the other recent change in my life has been my graduating from Liverpool Uni, getting a job and living the 8.30-5.30 life. It has been all kinds of strange, and I’m still not sold on this whole ‘working in an office’ thing, but to keep me in Liverpool and to accrue some life experience, it’s OK.

So, to conclude- office and one-armed Cabin fever is getting to me a little, but I’m working on it. I will be updating on summer 2015, which included some excellent German coffee and some not so excellent summer camp bugs.

Over and out!
H x

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